Le Mans - 24 hours on bike without roar of engines

Our cyclo race is not supported by any funds European Union or any Czech offical institutions ...

Information about the 20th annual cyclo ride - 24 hours on bike without roar of engines and smogg for amateur public.




Single or Teams (Men, women and mixed teams) (2xW+1 M or 1W+1M) Last years winner gets authomatically the lowest starting numbers.


Friday 5.9.2014

- from 17:00 possible arrival to Šaratice
- 19:00 - 20:00 possible registration

Saturday 6.9.2014

- 7:00 - 9:45 registration
- 10:15-10:30 explanation of rules
- 10:31-10:33 common photography race participants
- 11:00 start of race
- 19:00 from this time start only with light

Sunday 7.9.2014

- 7:00 end of start with light
- 11:00 end of race
- 12:30 - 13:00 anoucing results


Registration fee:

  team single
payment before 31.7. 400350 Kč (13 €)/osoba 450400 Kč (15 €)/osoba
younger than 18 years 300280 Kč (11 )/osoba 350330 Kč (13 €)/osoba
payment in Šaratice 500470 Kč (18 €)/osoba 550520 Kč (20 €)/osoba

Aplication forms and more information - Michal Krajčírovič - lemans@volny.cz phone: 00420 608 87 33 61

Competitors younger than 15 year must be accompanied by an adult. Signature of parent is needed from those younger than 18.


Every participant who succesfully finishes the race will get a certificate , race sticker and some of the prices. There are special prices prepaired for the first ones in every category.


The race will take place on whole asphalt covered roads of ussual quality in circles. The length of route is 13.2 km and altitude diference is 90 m ( lowest point m and highest m). Part of route will lead through forest (without traffic), the rest tragh villages . Start, finish and pits are placed in village Milovy.


You are welcomed to make yourselves comfortable in provided accomodation (included in registration fee). We recommend to take mat and sleeping bag. Toilets and showers (for racers) are available in near building.


Local pub and shop will be opened according to interest. If you prefer self catering take your own cooker (also electrical) . Hot tea will be available during the whole race.

Medical service:

Medical assistance will be present during whole race . Eventual transport to hospital is provided.

What to take:

The choice of bike depends on you. The roads have an asphalt cover: compulsory equipment are front and back lights, nearly compulsory is helmet, tools, spare parts, torch.

Getting there:

Participants will come to Šaratice individually. There is a possibility of taking a train to Újezd u Brna and than it is about 15 km. By car it is about 80 km from Brno

Extract from rules:

Three or two members in a team will take part. Only one member of cach team can be on the route. Members change is arbituary and car be practised only in the start /finish area. It´ s neccesary to announce every change and passing of start. Final distance (riden in 24 hours) will be known by substracting the distance riden after the 11 th hour from real distance. Substracted distance will be counted from near speed of the competitor in his final circle. Winner is a team which in time rides the longest distance. Race will be riden on the road with traffic so it is neccesary to follow traffic rules!! Every member rides on his own danger. It is compulsory to have at least front and back lighs which must be functional during the whole time of the ride.

Three is mobile signal on the route, so we recommend to take at least one mobile phone for cach team.

Consent - obligations:

Participant's signature to register agrees with the terms of the race and declares that:

- Notes that the plant runs at full road and that it will comply with traffic rules laid down by Act No. 361/2000 Coll.
- Before the race and during the race and consumed a substance nepožije decreasing the reaction (alcoholic beverages, drugs, etc.).
- Notes that participate in the race at their own risk
- He is no known impediment consisting in his health, which would prevent him from starting
- Will be driving in poor visibility, especially at the time of 7:00 p.m. to 7:00, using the front light for illuminating the paths of power less than 1 watt (enough flashing light), rear red flashing light
- Is aware of the obligation to use a protective helmet while driving
- Will carry an identification card while driving insurance or passport for foreign participants

Furthermore, the race organizer invites participants to see to the safety of their case and brought in place to organize the event - any valuables can be kept by the organizers - either turn out as in the Újezd u Brna. Promoter assumes no responsibility for equipment and things of the participants.
All participants are recommended to take out insurance for damage to third persons, the organizer in this regard for any resulting damages.
The circuit is coverage for an emergency cell phone is recommended. The numbers on the organizers will be listed at the start.
All participants in the race are encouraged to heed safety when driving their own and other road users.


Application form for Le Mans. More information in email


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